Foodstirs Subscription Box

I was excited to get a chance to try out Food Stirs created by Galit Laibow, Gia Russo and Sarah Michelle Gellar – yes that’s the same Sarah Michelle Gellar who played the mean girl character we all loved to hate in Cruel Intentions! Thanks to Food Stirs for the gift!

Food Stirs is a subscription baking kit with pre-mixed goodies already to get baking amateurs started in the kitchen making some cute fun and delicious eats. I absolutely love to cook but baking is definitely more of a challenge and it’s always a bit daunting to get started baking anything more than cookies. I got to try out their Autumn Loaf Kit

Btw, if you like what you see below and wanna try it out, I have a little coupon code! I don’t make anything off your purchase but I recommend the product because it was super fun and tasty! Click here for 20% off your Food Stirs Kit. The coupon code is KAILAYU

The best part is that it’s all pre-mixed so it’s pretty much idiot proof.

Food Stirs instruction card


Food Stirs Autumn Box


Food Stirs Egg2 Food Stirs Egg

Mix the eggs with the dough and the greek yogurt

Food Stirs Mix

Food Stirs Dough

It’s fun molding the dough into the box!

Food Stirs Dough 2

While the dough bakes in the oven lets make the frosting!

Food Stirs Oven

I can’t imagine making the frosting by hand, super recommend at least a hand-held electric mixer.

Food Stirs Blend

Food Stirs Icing Start

I almost gave up after mixing a bit because the icing looked like this, so gooey and not icing like at all

Food Stirs Icing Halfway

Luckily I didn’t give up because this was the beauty silky result!Food Stirs Icing

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread in the house. Look at this fluffy beauty…I want to take a bite now! Let the dough sit for at least 3o minutes until it has cooled

Food Stirs Baked

Ice that baby up then stick it in the fridge for a hour to set!

Food Stirs Iced

Get that food coloring ready

Food Stirs Food Coloring


Food Stirs comes with these cute little stencils and a little paint brushFood Stirs Stencils

I’m not going to show you my final result because I am a very bad artist….but VOILA!



Food Stirs Cake Slice