Do you hate other women?

I’ve always said that you need to beware of the girl who says that she doesn’t get along with other women. That woman who says that other women backstab her and are all vicious to her. Have you ever heard the parable of the man who said that he came from a city filled with horrible people? The philosopher he meets tells him that in the next city he travels to he will also find a city filled with bad people, essentially because of the law of attraction. Now that same girl who doesn’t get along with other women is probably disliked by other women because she herself is competitive and catty and jealous, not the other way around.

Strong Women

My friend mentioned an article to me the other day from a very reputable magazine which detailed the opinion that it wasn’t men that held women back from achieving success in C-level business positions. The article proposed that it was women who were not supporting each other’s success. I didn’t want to believe that idea and I was super disappointed to hear it. To be honest I don’t personally know it to be true. I haven’t really experienced another woman scheming against my success. Have I felt competitive with other women before? Absolutely. But I have also felt equal amounts of drive compete against men.

I’ve always had a ton of girlfriends. I’ve also always had an equal amount of guy friends. I’ve had fallings out with girlfriends but I’ve also had fallings out with guy friends. It was never a gender issue to me but a specific personality clash issue.  What’s interesting is that I was in a girl band for so many years and everyone always said to me. Wow, how do you guys pull that off? Aren’t you guys fighting all the time? The truth is that we got along well most of the time. You have to consider the fact that touring in a band is incredibly tough, it tests you and it challenges you. It requires constant travel– which can test the finest of friendships and relationships.  Also touring includes lack of sleep, the extreme highs and lows of amazing shows and shows where you feel like a failure – I feel like we held up incredibly well under the circumstances! I absolutely loved being in an all girl band, there’s such a deep level of sisterhood and camaraderie. Kiki and Katt, my former bandmates are definitely sisters that I believe that will be friends for life.

On a side note, there have a been a number of attempts by former band members or people formerly supporting the band to start a girl band or girl group themselves. They dont realize it until they try it themselves that it is hard as fuck to do unless you have a huge investor backing you! First of all, talented girl musicians are rare to begin with, and its incredibly hard to get a group of girls so dedicated to a vision so that they will make it the foremost priority in their lives. But I digress.

Why all this talk about women?

So the cover of this week’s US Weekly reads HE CHEATED with their Nanny!

I am huge fan of Gwen Stefani’s and I was disappointed to see that her marriage with Gavin Rossdale dissolved. From the outside it looked so much like they had their perfect little rocker family…down to the kids – who had Gwen’s everlasting impeccable sense of style. I was curious about the details of the split but there was no further information until this past week when US Weekly came out with their latest issue.

When I read the title I thought…….. AGAIN??? Hasn’t anyone learned from past tabloids that it is a big stupid mistake to happen a young nanny? I can think of at least ten instances where it’s been publicized that husbands have cheated on their wives with the nanny. Listen,  if you are deciding to hire a nanny, you’d better make sure that she is 80 years old or better yet, hire yourself a manny.

Do I hate other women?

Absolutely, I hate woman who sleep with married men and guys who are in relationships.

I take a very strong stance that women who cheat with married men should get a big scarlet letter tattooed to their forehead. There are so many incredible men in the world, why do you need to try to steal one from another women? It’s women like you who give women a bad name. I would never date a guy who had a girl friend much less a married man. What are you thinking?!

The trash that allegedly tore Gwen and Gavin apart: Mindy Mann

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