A monopod or a unipod is a single-legged camera accessory that keeps the camera steady while shooting. It supports the camera with its sturdy build, with enough room for freedom and flexibility. With a monopod, you can travel light without compromising the all-important freedom and flexibility to shoot.

I know! The stability and the perfect geometric shape makes a three-legged tripod ideal. However, monopods can offer all the features of a tripod in a compact, lighter and more transportable package.

The Best Travel Monopod -  Pricing Table

Travel Monopod




Min. Height/Max. Height

Max Load Capacity





55.11 lbs



0.8 lbs


6.7 lbs



1.4 lbs


20 lbs

Amazon Basics


0.8 lbs


6.6 lbs



1 lb


32.4 lbs



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Advantages of a Travel Monopod

Many photographers include both a monopod and tripod in their personal kit while traveling. From augmenting the intensity of the field to focusing on objects, monopods are the most versatile tool a traveling photographer can have on hand. Whether shooting sports, wildlife, landscape, action or travel photography, only monopods can give the camera stability in addition to the ultimate flexibility.

Great Support On the Go

The fundamental functionality of a monopod is its ability to create camera stability. It helps to reduce camera shake and ultimately lets you take a sharper shot. It is literally impossible to use slow shutter speed and take steady images without the use of a monopod.

While traveling, you usually have a limit on the amount of gear that you can bring. You can only choose the most necessary equipment to bring along. Traveling photographers often like to shoot moment-of-truth photos. As a result, a monopod is a must-have for any traveling photographer’s basic equipment kit.


The lighter, single pole monopod is a much better than the bulky tripod for travel photography. Monopods are smaller, lighter, and you can carry them around effortlessly. The latest carbon fiber monopods are especially light and are great camera attachments for stable traveling photography.

Quick and Easy Setup

All you have to do to set up a monopod is to adjust the height and connect the camera to the connection plate. There is no fussing needed with the adjustment of the legs as you would have to do with a tripod. Pretty easy, right? Also, the quick release connection plate makes the connection or disconnection of the monopod from the camera quite effortless.

Best for Narrow and Confined Spaces

The lighter, single pole of the monopod allows it to travel and capture images easily in crowded, narrow or confined places. While traveling, you'll often find yourself in situations where you can’t fit a bulky tripod. A monopod can be placed anywhere with the support of the body.

Travel Monopod Vs Regular Monopod

Since you can’t include all the accessories and attachments you normally shoot with while traveling, you'll need to choose the most essential and useful accessories that allow you to travel light while still getting the job done. It’s all about flexibility and convenience. Taken as a whole, compact and lighter travel monopods are always preferable for travel over heavy and bulky, studio monopods.

Even though some travel photographers prefer metallic monopods due to their stability, lighter carbon fiber monopods can be better options compare to those heavy metallic monopods while traveling. However, it always come down to personal preferences and convenience. Try to stick with the attachments that you find functional in reference to your photography needs.


Gitzo - GM5561T Monopod

1.65 lbs

max/min: 16.34"/61.22"


max load: 55.11 lbs

Come, all hail the king of the monopods! Not kidding! This next monopod is the most premium and  feature-enabled monopod on my list today. According to Gitzo, no one understands the need of outdoor photographers better than they do. Regarding the construction and aesthetic values, Gitzo used the most conventional and practical design for this particular monopod targeted for traveling photographers. It is formulated with 6X Carbon Fiber design for an extremely light and stable monopod.

The leg lock is designed with Gitzo's G-Lock locking system. This system results in  extremely quick set up and a rigid leg lock. It sports a 6-section extending separator for compact portability. This monopod is also equipped with a self-locking removable rubber foot in addition to a belt clip. The ALR (Anti Leg Rotation) System by Gitzo will keep the monopod legs from spinning.  It has a pretty high maximum load capacity at 55.11 pounds with the weight of only 1.65 pounds. The minimum and maximum heights are 16.34 inches and 61.22 inches respectively.

With its carbon fiber body, huge load capacity, and super low minimum height, this is by far the best monopod we have come across.

Dolica - WT-1003 Monopod

0.8 lbs

min/max: 21.3"/67"  


max load: 6.7 lbs

This Lightweight Monopod from Dolica is one of the best travel monopods for it's value. It has lightweight structure and all the basic functionalities. This monopod is made of an ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy for easy mobility. This lightweight monopod weighs only 0.8 pounds and can support up to 6.7 pounds. It is equipped with four leg sections that can be extended up to 67 inches with the minimum operating or folded height at 21.3 inches.

This monopod features retractable spiked rubber feet so that you can use this monopod on more slippery surfaces. It also includes a NBR foam grip on top for better handling. The built-in wrist strap is added for safety. It even comes with it's very own carrying bag! This lightweight monopod is ideal for both indoor and outdoor photography.

At a social gathering or any kind of outdoor activity and sports, you can seize the moment with the help of this monopod. The plastic flip locks operate  smoothly. With it's ultra-light weight aluminum alloy construction, non-skid rubber feet, and affordable price point, this is one of the best basic monopods on the market and our #1 one pick!

ePhotoinc - Monopod WF6635M

1.4 lbs

max/min: 16"/62"


max load: 20 lbs

A strong build, a compact frame, and lightweight structure, what more do you expect from a professional travel monopod? ePhotoinc To meet market demand, ePhotoinc developed this strong and lightweight travel monopod. This monopod is constructed with aluminum for a stronger and more rigid stability. It weights in at 1.4 pounds. Even with it's lightweight structure, this monopod can support up to about 20 lbs of weight.

This travel monopod is ideal for mounting any Digital SLR or professional video camcorder. A 3/8" thread was added so that you can attach ball head to it. One of the key features of this monopod is its section extending clips. Well, rather that saying clips, it would be proper to call them twists, literally. The 5-section extending separators are constructed in the form of twisters.

You have to twist left to loosen them up twist right to make them tight. With a dimension of 20 x 2.7 x 2.5 inches, it can reach a height of up to 62 inches. This monopod can also be used as a video boom or sound boom. With its lightweight aluminum construction and 5-section extending separator with easy twist tightening, it’s an ideal monopod for outdoor, travel and timed shoots.

AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

0.8 lbs

max/min: 21.4"/67"


max load: 6.6 lbs

The AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod is a great starter monopod and its great for incidental travel photography. Amazon Basics geared this monopod for outdoor photographers by making a monopod weighing less than 1 pound.  This monopod is made with aluminum alloy. It comes in at only at 0.8 pounds. It is equipped with four leg sections that can be extended up to 67 inches and has a maximum load capacity of up to 6.6 pounds.

A ¼ inch universal thread mount is attached to this monopod, in addition to a built-in cushion grip and adjustable wrist strap. The cushion handle and sturdy design can keep the camera super stable. Thanks to the non-skid rubber feet and retractable spikes, you can place this monopod anywhere and everywhere while traveling and leave with crisp, sharp images.

With  dimensions of 21.45 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches, the minimum and maximum height of this monopod can be measured up to 21.45 inches and 67 inches respectively. With a very lightweight construction, a non-skid rubber foot, retractable spikes, and a carrying bag, this is one of the best travel monopods for the beginners.

Opteka - MP100 67" Professional Monopod

1 lb

max/min: 21"/67"


max load: 32.4 lbs

For a highly functional travel monopod at an affordable price point, very few monopods can compete with the ‘MP100 67" Professional Heavy Duty  Monopod’ from Opteka.  Opteka is one of the top brands in the field of converter lenses and filters for digital point-and-shoot cameras as well as telescopic lenses for SLR cameras.

No more fussing with blurry pictures or tired arms – with Opteka's anodized aluminum monopod. The 4-section all-black looks pretty slick. This monopod also features a solid rubber grip, wrist carrying strap, quick action lever leg lock system with 45° flip, large 1.2-Inch camera or head platform with plastic cover and camera screw. Measuring in at  2 x 2 x 67 inches, this monopod weighs only 1 pound.

Opteka used their legendary artisanship and technological advances to create this professional monopod for the modern photographer. Whether shooting digital, film or compact video, you can follow the action with this monopod. Also, when you move your camera for a different view, you can reset its level in seconds. With 4-section all-black anodized aluminum alloy construction and 21 inches minimum and 67 inches maximum length in  it is the best travel monopod in this price range.

Sirui - P-326 6-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod

0.88 lbs

max/min: 16"/62"


max load: 22 lbs

Welcome to the premium and lightweight world of carbon fiber! If you're sick of the cheap monopods that can’t hold your pro camera steady, then nothing can give you more satisfaction than carbon fiber monopods, which are lightweight yet feature a relatively high load capacity. Be it monopod, tripod, ball head or release plate, Sirui has been making some premium products with both aluminum and carbon fibers.

Similar to its aluminum counterpart, this carbon fiber monopod enjoys is aesthetically sleek. This lightweight monopod is constructed with 8X carbon fiber and weighs only 0.88 pounds. It is equipped with a 6-section extending separator that can reach up to 62 inches when fully extended. It is also outfitted with twist-style lock made of silicon . You'll fine twenty 1/4 inches screws and sixteen 3/8 inches screws on the mounting plate.

The wrist strap and cushion handgrip will help you to hold the camera and move comfortably. The folded height of this monopod  measures up to 16 inches. With 8X carbon fiber, a 6-section separator, and 0.88 pounds of weight, this is a must buy if you are serious about travel photography.

Opteka - M900 71" 5 Section Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod

1.7 lbs

max/min: NA/71"


max load: 30 lbs

Are you searching for a Heavy Duty Monopod with dual mounting option? Is so,  no other monopod can even come close to this special offering from Opteka.  This monopod from Opteka is made with BA aluminum construction to promote additional strength and rigidity. One of the key features of this monopod is its dual mounting option. This dual mounting system will allow the user to attach any type of camera, in addition to all kinds of heads directly to the monopod with the help of screws.

The dual-sided screws will help to hold different models of cameras and heads. Also, this monopod is outfitted with a 5-section extending separator with 36mm diameter legs. When it comes to locks and sections, they are designed with flip locks for quicker operation. A wrist strap is also attached with a high-density foam grip. While extended, the monopod can be measured up to 71 inches.

With this height, it will be easier to get shots with freedom and flexibility. Its quite lightweight at 27.2 oz, for a heavy duty monopod that supports up to 30 pounds. With a strong and rigid BA aluminum construction, dual mounting screw option, 5-section extending separator and an lengthening height of 71 inches, this is a perfect monopod for the serious travel photographer.

Oben - CTM-2400 Pro Carbon Fiber Photo-Video Travel Monopod

0.85 lbs

max/min: 18.3"/59.2"


max load: 22 lbs

If you looking for a flexible, lightweight and highly resilient monopod, check out the CTM-2400 Compact Travel Monopod from Oben. Oben is a premium camera attachment and accessory manufacturer with a dedicated fanbase of satisfied customers.  This monopod comes with an Allen Key and Dust Bag and sports a lightweight 6x carbon fiber construction. It weighs less than 1 pound (0.85 pound to be precise). The maximum load capacity of this monopod is 22 pounds.

The metal spike of the rubber foot provides extra stability be it in grass, gravel or any other loose terrain. The foam grip with the wrist strap and belt clip can prevents the camera from accidental falls. It has a 4-section extending separator with twist locks. These twist locks works great with it's anti-rotation shaft. The fully extended monopod can be measured up to 59.2 inches while the shrunken length amounts up to 18.3 inches.

All things considered, this lightweight monopod is perfect for travel photography. With it's 6x carbon fiber construction, 4-section extending separator with twist locks, and just 0.85 pound of weight, this is great pick when it comes to travel monopods.

Andoer -  A-555 61.4 inch/ 156cm Lightweight Monopod

1.4 lbs

max/min: 15"/61.4"


max load: 22 lbs

If you are looking for a strong, lightweight and compact monopod for your camera, take a look at the Andoer A-555 with its 61.4 inch (156cm) extended height. Andoer is a trusted name in camera accessories and attachments. They developed this monopod specifically to target travel photographers. The monopod is constructed with aluminum alloy.  It has a 6-section design that is extendable from the height 38cm all the way to 156cm.

The maximum tube diameter of this monopod can be measured up to 28mm. The locks and length adjustment are outfitted with a quick lock system which will firmly lock the monopod. A 3/8 inches thread was added at the bottom of the monopod so that you can attach it to a mini tripod. This monopod is built to hold weight up to 22 pounds (10KGs). A carrying bag is also included in the package.

This monopod is also outfitted with a foam handle for a better grip. It can also be used as a hiking stick! With its aluminum alloy construction, 6-section design, 156cm extended height and strong load capacity, this is a great pick at an affordable price point.

Sirui - P-306 6-Section Aluminum Monopod

1.55 lbs

max/min: 16"/NA


max load: N/A

Sirui is a premium name in the world of camera accessories and attachments. They are famous for their product quality and detailing. Sirui designed our next pick, a sturdy monopod constructed with aluminum alloy. When it comes to the travel monopods, people often suffer by choosing a lighter and cheaper monopods. With this lightweight yet premium offering, we think, Sirui can change the game.

The aluminum construction, the 6-section separator, and the grippy foam with the SIRUI logo engraved on it – every segment of this monopod projects a premium vibe. A handy small-sized compass, a hand grip, and a wrist strap are also added to the monopod for a comfortable hold and insulation. And, when it comes to the locks, they are molded with silicon. These silicon twist locks augment the durability to the next level. The length of shrunken monopod is 41cm (16 inches). The mounting plate contains twenty 1/4 inches screws and sixteen 3/8 inches screws. With a product dimension of 1 x 1 x 1 inches, it’s a pretty lightweight monopod featuring only 1.55 pounds of weight even with the strong construction of aluminum alloy. With premium material and accessories, a 6-section separator, and 1.55 pounds of weight, this is a no brainer for any traveling photographer.

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