Meditation is such an important part of my daily routine and I've been testing out many accessories to help me maximize my meditation practice. I've added chakra healing crystals, singing bowls and zafu and zabuton sets. As I have advanced in my practice, I like to sometimes use a meditation chair for longer sessions.

Meditation can be tiring on your back, especially if you are a seasoned meditator, having sessions that are lasting for longer period of time. Here is my list of my top 10 favorite meditation chairs that provide you with plenty of back support!

Meditation Chair -  Pricing Table

Meditation Chair






Friends of Meditation 

24"(L) x 22"(W) x 4"


14 lbs


Bird Rock

41.2"(L) x 21.2"(W) x 6"




Back Jack

23" (L) x 13.5" (W) x 4.5"


3.9 lbs


My Zen Home

22"(L) x 57"(W) x16.5


16 lbs


Friends of Meditation - Buddha Bliss

24"(L) x 22"(W) x 4"


14 lbs



# of color options

Almost all the meditation chairs on this list are available in more than one color. I found out for  you how many color options are available for each of the chairs

# of Adjustments Available

Some of the chairs on this list are not adjustable whereas others have several adjustment settings. I found out for you if the chair is adjustable and if so how many settings


I found out the weight of each chair for you so you can know how portable each chair is.


Measurements are provided for each of the chairs on this list!


Friends of Meditation  - Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair

4 color options

14 lbs

24"(L)  x 22"(W) x 4"

Not Adjustable

Friends of Meditation tops the list as my #1 recommending Meditation Chair for back support. Not only does it come with the chair itself but it comes with a water-resistant carrying tote and meditation block. It's designed by master yoga teacher Swami Dhyan Unmesh and its ideal for users with back pain. It comes in a variety of colors and fits anyone 6 feet 2 inches tall and under.

The ergonomic back support works to keep the spine in perfect alignment and numbness in legs is avoidable with the meditation block. The back-support of the chair is not meant for you to put all your weight on, since you are meditating it helps you to sit straight in the proper meditation manner.

​This is a well-designed, adjustable, comfortable chair. This chair allows you to comfortably meditate for an hour and provide you with the necessary support. I love the simple and elegant design, this chair could fit beautifully into any room as furniture. All these reasons are why its my #1 pick for the Best Meditation Chair with back support!

BirdRock  Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

8 color options

10.5 lbs

41.2"(L) x 21.2"(W) x 6"

Adjustable: 14 positions

BirdRock's Adjustable Chair features 14 Positions and Memory Foam. It comes in a plethora of fun and vibrant, standout colors! The outer fabric is made of soft plush material with chopped memory foam blend filling the insides of the chair.

The chair measures 41.25" x 21.25" x 6". It's 23" tall in the upright sitting position and super easy to store flat when you are not using it. The chair is sturdy enough and comfortable enough to be used every day, all day long. Its super easy to adjust and although it's designed for gaming, it works just as perfectly for meditation sessions.

It pretty much adjusts to any position in between and up to 90 degrees which is a really great feature. There is a frame inside of the cushion for support. There are zippers on the chair so you can take it apart if necessary. I love the super soft velvety fabric used on this chair. When storing it flat, you can easily slide it under your bed for storage.

Merax - Fully Adjustable Lazy Man Chair

1 color option


40”(L) x 19.5(W) x 5.5” 

Adjustable: 5 positions

Merax's adjustable chair features five positions and is made of 100% polyester. It has a tufted seat and back and measures 40”L * 19.5”W * 5.5” thick. You can easily adjust it from flat to upright and it's thick and comfy for the ultimate in comfort.

It features a steel frame for back support and is built to last. If you can easily spend hours on this comfy chair which features a supportive memory foam core and is covered with a durable and plush microfiber fabric.

This chair easily fits into a modern and contemporary room and it offers great stability. It features a solid ratcheting support mechanism and the padding is soft yet firm. It's perfect for a comfortable session of meditation!

Friends of Meditation ® Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair

3 color options

12 lbs

26"(L) x 18"( L) and 8 .5"

Not Adjustable

Friends of Meditation makes it on our list again with their uniquely designed Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair. It comes in 3 colors, with a carrying case and folds for easy storage. Perfect for meditation camp and for long meditation sessions. The back of the chair features special moulded pu foam for great back support and to help with good posture.

It fits as long as you are under 5 feet 9 inches and the measurements while folded are 26" tall, 18" wide and 81/2" deep. This chair weighs 12 pounds and comes with a small, firm cushion. This is an ideal travel meditation chair that fits right into your suitcase and provides the ultimate back support for long days of meditation. You can even just use it every day to watch tv.  This is a great premium chair for all your meditation needs.

My Zen Home  - Floor Lounger

7 color options

16 lbs

22"(L) x 57"(W) x16.5

Not Adjustable

I absolutely love the aesthetic design of this gorgeous Floor Lounger from My Zen Home, it looks like an elegant piece of art. It's available in seven different color combinations and its 100% organic. This chair is designed with the traditional Thai colors and patterns, featuring the finest craftsmanship.

This chair doesn't offer as much back support as some of the other chairs on this list but there is definitely some support provided. My Zen Home's meditation chair is super easy to clean and it is sturdy and durable.

The dimensions of this chair are 22x57x16 1/2. The chair can be folded out to lay completely flat and its made of 100% cotton with 100% organic kapok fill. This stylish chair offers great back support for the back and ships directly from Thailand!

Seagrass Harmony - Yoga Chair

3 color options

25 lbs

23"(L) x 31"(W) x 29"

Not Adjustable

The Seagrass Harmony Meditation Chair for Xoticbrands is curved to provide extra support for the knees. This is definitely a premium, splurge product and its available in two colors Expresso and Natural.

The dimensions of the chair are 31" w x 29" d x23" h and the seat height is 8 inches with the cushion. This chair is imported direct from Thailand and the cushion cover is removable and machine washable. The weight capacity of this meditation seat is 300 lbs and offers great back support.

This chair weights 25 lbs and make sure to check the measurements as the chair looks much larger in the photo than it appears in real life. Its not going to fit for a 6 ft tall male. This is a well made chair with good construction and a great investment for your meditation practice.

Best Choice Products

1color option

10.2 lbs

41 ”(L) x 19”(W) x 4.5

Adjustable: 5 positions

Best Choice Product's Adjustable Chair is made of a soft, fleece material and is perfect for small spaces. It's easy to store since its weighs in at just 10 lbs. It has 5 different adjustable settings for you to dial-in the perfect amount of support for your upper and lower back.

​This chair is filled with high density split foam and measures in a t41 ”(L) x 19”(W) x 4.5". It can support up to 250 lbs and can be made completely flat to act like a seat cushion. I love the sturdy support offered by this chair and its super cushy and comfortable.

One con is that this chair doesn't fold in half for easy storage. ​ It's far more comfortable than sitting on the floor and its not too heavy so its easy to move around the room. It's just available in the gray color, which is nice and neutral so that it blends easily into any room. 

Selani™ Adjustable Floor Chair

3 color options

8 lbs

43.3"(L ) x20.5" (W) 4.8"

Adjustable: 6 positions

Selani's Adjustable chair features 6 positions ranging from all the way flat to fully upright at 90 degrees. The chair is made of fleece fabric and the cover is removable for easy cleaning. It's available in 11 different colors and measures in at 43.3"L * 20.5"W * 4.8"Thick.

It's stuffed with a high density foam and can support of a weight up to 220 lbs. It's a well-made chair perfect for meditation, dining, watching tv or just relaxing. For support it features a tubular metal ratcheting frame which is covered with padding.

This chair from features great quality construction and the material is very plush with thick padding. It's easily adjustable and you could easily use it for a meditation trip or getaway.  This is a long lasting chair stuffed with fine hollow cotton.

Back Jack Floor Chair

9 color options

3.9 lbs

23" (L) x 13.5" (W) x 4.5"

Not Adjustable

The BackJack Floor Chairs come in nine different colors and the backrest measures 16" wide x 23" tall. The chairs are filled with dense foam and whats extra cool is that the chairs stackable. 

This chair is great for meditation and it can go anywhere! Back support is provided by its sturdy steel inner frame. It features a removable cotton outer cover and is stuffed with dense foam. This chair is easy to carry and is super portable. The chair does need to be assembled out of the box.

Not only is this chair a great back support meditation chair, other users have reported that they love this chair for breastfeeding. Its a super versatile chair, it kind of feels like a hammock in the way that it cradles your body. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on