I'm totally obsessed with Milk and Eggs! It's a delivery service that sources from local farms and delivers right to your doorstep. I'm kinda of pro at testing out all the food subscription boxes, restaurant delivery and grocery delivery services in existence. As you all know, I'm a huge foodie and I'm always the first to sign up for each new service to test it out.

I do love going to the grocery store and picking out my own produce but I am constantly traveling and working on a million projects so I definitely need food delivery services to fill in all the gaps. 

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I love that Milk & Eggs offers high-end artisan foods that aren't available at my local market. Prices are kept super low because they have a much lower overhead than regular grocery stores - no rent, lighting, etc. Also you can sign up for a subscription so you can get your weekly necessities delivered weekly or however often you like. (I hate going to the grocery store to pick up basics like, milk, butter and eggs.)

If you want to support local farmers on a regular basis and can't always make it to your local farmer's market, this is a great, super convenient alternative!​

Just check the website to find out exactly what farmer or food producer each product is sourced from​

Asian Grocery Delivery in Los Angeles

Did I mention that they have a large Asian food selection? They have fresh noodles (made restaurant style crispy chow mein the other night), dumplings . Here are some of my favorite picks. 

Milk and Eggs Dumplings Northern Cafe

Dumplings from the famous Chinese chain Northern Cafe!

Fresh Chinese noodles from Amays Bakery Noodle Co

Milk and Eggs Kimchi
Milk and Eggs Amay's - Watermelon Radish

Free Grocery Delivery

Delivery is totally free if you place an order over $35, otherwise delivery is $5, no tip needed. Your delivery comes with a free insulated bag, which is reusable for any upcoming deliveries. Once you place an order, your order will usually arrive in 2 days although it can arrive as soon as 24 hours. You'll be able to select your delivery date and the delivery usually arrives super early in the morning, around 5-6am. 

Artisan Foods

Milk and Eggs Amay's - Squid Ink Pasta

Hello! Squid Ink Pasta

Milk and Eggs Kimchi - Bread Lounge Quiche Lorraine

Bread Lounge Quiche Lorraine

Milk and Eggs Amay's - Brothers Products Garlic Spread Garlic & Basil

Super recommend this garlic dip from Brothers