Ayara Thai Influencer Luncheon

Hello Drama Pr was excited to partner up with LocaliteLA to put together a super delicious, generous luncheon for some of our favorite foodie influencers! We first discovered Ayara Thai at The Lucky Rice Festival and we’ve been a fan ever since. Their Khao Soi is to die for! Ayara Thai is a special spot because they were serving super authentic Thai food before it became a fad in the local hipster foodie scene. Head Chef Vanda is super passionate about her nommy food, passed down from family recipes. The staff is also super knowledgable about the food!

Adorable elephant keychains

Ayara Thai Place Setting


Ayara Thai Menu

Ayara’s Toast and Muay Thai Wings

You can’t tell here but that toasts were in the shapes of little elephants!

Ayara Thai Chicken Wings


When Tigers Cry, “Rib Eye”

This dish was definitely my favorite dish from the luncheon, super juicy and perfectly cooked with a charred smoky crust

Ayara Thai Rib Eye

Crispy Softshell Crab Papaya Salad

I’ve never encountered a papaya salad topped with softshell crab but it was perfection!

Ayara Thai Papaya Salad


Crab Fried Rice

Ayara Thai Crab Fried Rice


Chinese Broccoli Pork Belly



Ayara Thai Crispy Pork


Beef Jungle Curry

This particular curry is an Ayara Thai speciality, you won’t see this on other menus! Deeply flavored with a rich depth.



Ayara Thai Jungle Pudding

Original Pad Thai


Ayara Thai Pad Thai


Traditional Thai Coconut Ice cream and fried banana


Ayara Thai Coconut Ice Cream