Attack on Titans – World Premiere

I was so excited to get invited to the Attack on Titan world premiere with Nylon Pink! Unfortunately the rest of the Nylon Pink girls were hard at work rehearsing for Mechacon this upcoming event in New Orleans and were so sad that t hey were unable to attend.

I didn’t really know what to expect with the movie, I’m not the hugest live action movie fan. I just thought it would be a cutesy little anime action movie, but it was creepy as hell! The live action Titans are so nightmarish and the movie is very bloody and dark. I was totally into it! It was bad-ass, in the vein of Battle Royale and it holds no punches. I definitely recommend watching it and I plan on watching it again! The CGI and special effects are very well done – I don’t want to give anything away but theres a baby scene in the movie that made the little hairs on my arms stand on end

The actors were all engaging, from the tough good looking, almost silent rogue Eren played by Satomi Ishihara and the model-beautiful kick ass chick Mikasa played by Kiko Mizuhara. Hans offers the very necessary comic relief with her over the top seriousness as well as the always hungry Sasha (girl I can relate!) I can’t wait to see part 2!

The beautiful Emily Tangerine joined me on the red carpet!

Attack on Titan Kaila Yu Emily Tangerine



attack on titan movie poster


Attack on Titan Kaila Yu Emily TangerineAttack on Titan 2

Kiko Mizuhara is FIERCE



Attack on Titan 3 attack on titans keiko


Attack on Titan Movie Premiere