I never want to have children

I’ve never wanted to have children. I’ve never dreamt about the perfect baby names, I can’t even fathom raising or birthing or carrying a baby in my belly.. I don’t really like babies actually. They aren’t cute like kittens and some of them are kind of ugly!
Here’s a picture of my kitty baby

I did imagine changing diapers recently and was horrified by the idea. I’ve had to clean my cats’ litter box, but it isn’t like I have to wipe off a bunch of mushy poop from their butts, like I would have to do with a baby. Gross!
I have, on occasion, thought about giving birth. There’s no way I would do natural childbirth no way! I would definitely get a C-section. I don’t know how women did it back in the day without the wonders of a epidural, I would have died
In my close circle of friends, there is literally not a single friend who has had a baby yet, or is pregnant or anything.
It’s funny in the middle of writing this article, my girlfriend just texted me and let know that she was pregnant! So random, I have to add a disclaimer to this article, which is never say never. I used to say that I would NEVER date a white guy, ever ever ever. Gross! But….just ten years or so later, my boyfriend is a white guy, and I am the happiest I’ve been.
So at the moment I never want to have kids. I do think that perhaps it might do me some good to have a kid. Having a kid probably makes you far less self centered and less self obsessed. I don’t think that should be the only reason to have a kid though
Even though I am even past the prime to have kids, I still couldn’t imagine having even one! There’s still so much I have to accomplish, still so many places I want to travel to, still so much growing up that I need to do mentally.
So there it is, just wanted to share it with you!

Gloomy Bear is the bear the kills children