30 Days of Candy

I just tried out the 30 Days of Candy box (which was gifted to me) because I have a huge sweet tooth and as you know I love those damn subscription boxes. Its like getting presents in the mail! Also Halloween was my favorite holiday as a kid because of the trick or treating. I love trying different tastes from all around the world. I’m kind of a weird one. For example, when traveling, most people love to see all the sights, the landmarks, famous monuments. I’m not really into sightseeing at all, for me, I can soak in all the culture of a new place through it’s food and its local eateries. But I digress, I had a really fun time trying out all the sweets!

30 days of candy 2 30 days of candy



Arcor candies from Argentina come in a plethora of fruit flavors. It has a pleasantly mild fruit flavor. Nothing too exciting, just a nice fruit taffy. As a company, Arcor is ranked #1 on Argentina’s list of most valuable companies

30 days of candy - Argentina Arcor


Who knew that Pez came from Austra! I always thought that it was an American candy. It was cute that 30 days of Candy included Pez AND the dispenser. Of course I was already familiar with Pez but I had never tasted it before! It kind of tastes like a mix between a smarty and a hard shell candy. I dont actually like the taste of Pez 😛 but love that collectible dispenser

30 days of candy - Austria Pez


Napoleon Bon Bons from Belgium were so-named because a rival confectioner had just created a truffle and named it “Caesar’ so creator Louis Janssens, not to be outdone famously proclaimed “then I will call mine Napoleon!” I absolutely love sour candies, this tastes like a hard, sour patch kid.

30 days of candy - Belgium Napoleon


Sixlets have always been a favorite of mine over M&Ms. A little lighter on the chocolate flavor and and a little chewier on the outer shell. Sixlets gets its name because they were original sold in little packets of 6 for one penny

30 days of candy - Canada Sixlets


White rabbit candy! I remember this vividly from my childhood. These were originally called Mickey Mouse Sweets but after the ABC Candy Company became state-owned after the Communist revolution in1949 and Mickey was seen as too Western, the name and logo was changed to “White Rabbit”. These creamy milk-flavored taffies are from Shanghai & the most kitschy part of the candy is that they have a unique eddible inside wrapper made of rice paper

30 days of candy - China White Rabbit


Nonsuch is a tasty, chewy and creamy toffee candy. Each piece is of a generous portion and it is made by Walkers, an independent company which is family owned. For over 100 years they have concentrated on only making toffee

30 days of candy - England Nonsuch


Fazer Marianne Mints come in 2 flavors. Both have a hard peppermint shell while the blue has a creamy caramel center and the red has a creamy chocolate center. Don’t worry it doesn’t take as long as it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. Very yummy, especially the chocolate surprise in the center – I love it. Fresh breath plus chocolate equals win!

30 days of candy - Fazer Finland


Jordan Almonds, one of the oldest candies in the world. Like an almond M&M without the chocolate. I almost wasn’t sure if I was supposed to bite into these since they were super hard but really tasty! Win! One of my favorites from the box

pecou almonds


Hirsh Fruit Basket Taffies. Intense fruit flavors, super chewy

30 days of candy - Germany Hirsch


Hong Kong

Another throwback from my childhood the Garden brand is considered THE preferred brand of Chinese New Year candy. Called “Lucky” candy and signifying good luck and good forture, these candies are traditionally given out, laid in candy dishes and carried in pockets during the Chinese new year. They are supposed to be strawberry flavored, but to me they dont have the tanginess of a strawberry, more toffee like to me? There is a soft taffy center

30 days of candy - lucky Chinese candy



The Perugina candy company is famous for these delicious hard candies called Spicchi di Sorrento (wedges of Sorrento). Sorrento is a beautiful seaside Italian city known for its abundance of fragrant citrus trees. They are delicious and soury and cutely shaped like a citrus wedge! Flavors include lemon, orange and tangerine

30 days of candy - Italy Perugina



Milkita Milkshake flavored candy comes in Strawberry, Melon, and Chocolate. I wish they just had a plain milk flavored version

30 days of candy - Indonesia Milkita



The Jelly Bean Factory – tastes just like jelly belly. Unlike jelly belly their jelly beans are all natural, no artificial colors, fairtrade, and GMO, fat, gluten and gelatin free

30 days of candy - Ireland Jelly Bean Factory30 days of candy - Ireland Jelly



Did you know that KitKats have been around since 1911 and were invented in the UK? Green Team KitKat, the best flavor that exists!

30 days of candy - Japan Green Tea Kitkat


Laima hazelnut and praline chocolates. It tastes like a mix between milk chocolate and dark chocolate  with a super rich, deep flavor. The texture is much more the candy bar chocolates we are used to here.

30 days of candy - Latvia Laima



Okio Fruit Gummies – I love everything gummy! Its interesting how in Asia they prefer larger gummies that are individually package. These are different from the Japanese fruit gummies that I usually get a Mitsuwa market, much chewier, dare I say even tastier!

30 days of candy - Malaysia Okio



Fresch has a hard outer shell and is like a Moroccan version of a Mentos. They come in mint and fruit flavots, with a chewy center. To be honest the mint flavor  it kind of tasted like a stale mentos. The fruit flavored Fresch were great, with a slightly crunchier shell than a mentos and a fruit center packed with flavor

30 days of candy - Morocco Fresch



Perfetti van Melle creates these eggnog toffees based on the famous creamy Dutch drink “Advocaat”. It was like a caramel taffy candy, it wasn’t bad or anything but I personally only really like fruit flavored taffies

30 days of candy - Netherlands Perfetti


Apparently, accoding to the package, Nordic people absolutely love licorice. This is a licorice caramel. Gross because I hate black licorice!

30 days of candy - Norway Black Licorice


The Solidarity Confection Company makes these world famous krowki “little cow” luxury cream fudge. I wasn’t sure why the candy had more of a light tan color but it was definitely delicious and fudgey in flavor!

30 days of candy - Poland Solidarity



These milk chocolate almond praline wafers are called Mishka Kosolapy (clumsy bear) and are the most beloved in all of Russia. The insert with the candy warns you to be prepared for the grittier, waxier flavor profile since Russian candy uses more cocoa. I really enjoyed this candy as one of my favorites out of the box, like a lighter version of a KitKat bar.

30 days of candy - Russia Mishka Kosolapy


South Korea

Fruit flavored hard candy from The Daylight Confectionery Company in Melon, Strawberry and Lemon. I really enjoyed these, the melon especially, it was like a more nuanced jolly rancher. Sometimes jolly ranchers are too flavorful!

30 days of candy - Korea Daylight Confectionery Company


Meiji creates these fabulous Hello Pandas treats, as delicious as they are Kawaii! The Hello Panda line of delicious chocolate-creme-filled cookes is centered around 24 sports-playing pandas. Each cookie has a panda playing a different sport.

30 days of candy - Japan Panda

Hello Panda


Daim is a crunchy almond butter toffee bar covered in milk chocolate. These delicious candies are a knockoff of the Heath Bar, the Heath Bar originally declined to license the candy in Sweden but they gave a list of ingredients out and surprise! Our came Daim and all its yumminess!

30 days of candy - Sweden Mondelez

Daim is a crunchy almond butter toffee bar covered in milk chocolate. These delicious candies are a knockoff of the Heath Bar, the Heath Bar originally declined to license the candy in Sweden but they gave a list of ingredients out and surprise! Our came Daim and all its yumminess!


Chupa Chups lollipops. I’ve tried these growing up! The name comes from the Spanish verb chupar which means suck. I bet you didnt know the the logo was designed by Salvador Dali! Tastes just like a Dum Dum

30 days of candy -Spain Chupa Chups



Everyone loves Hi-Chews! I didnt know that they were invented in 1931 in Japan when Taichiro Morinaga sought to create an edible kind of chewing gum that could be swallowed due to the Japanese cultural taboo against taking food out of one’s mouth. Hi-Chew’s totally have that flavorful burst of bubblegummy flavor. Grape is my favorite!

30 days of candy -Hi-Chew


Kopiko is the best selling coffee candy in the world. Careful when you try a piece, just 4 or 5 pieces is equivalent to a cup of coffee. I was writing this post at night and had to discipline myself to wait until the daytime to try it. Kopiko comes from the Kopiko coffee bean. It tastes like a mild chocolately coffee flavor, a great little caffeine boost!

30 days of candy - Thailand Kopiko



I grew up eating Haribo gummy bears aka golden bears. Haribo is the largest gummy bear manufacturer in the world. We all know what gummy bears taste like. nom nom nom

30 days of candy - Turkey Haribo

I grew up eating Haribo gummy bears aka golden bears. Haribo is the largest gummy bear manufacturer in the world. We all know what gummy bears taste like. nom nom nom


Bit-O-Honey has been made since 1924, its like a less potent caramel. Its tasty and chewy

30 days of candy - USA Bit-o-Honey

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