I tried baking a fruit tart from scratch the other day, much respect to bakers, the recipe was deceptively simple. I used Martha Stewart’s Fruit Tart Recipe

I didnt have a food processor so I had to make the Pate Sucree by hand. I definitely wouldn’t try it this way again (I dont have enough arm strength!) The dough smelled amazing while it was baking, but it was crumbly and hard after some time in the fridge

When making the whipping cream, I think its important to point out that only a high speed worked for me at 8 on my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

I definitely messed up on the pastry cream. I got confused because it got extremely thick and lumpy at 130 degrees instead of the instructed 160 degrees so I didnt heat it enough, so my pastry cream was more like a thick pudding instead of a custard. It tasted delicious though!